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Minitab Project 3 1. The advantage of using summary statistics is that you have a good estimate about the sales per week that occur. You can also calculate the median of these numbers where you would be able to see if there are any extreme values that skew the data. The disadvantage compared to histograms is that you don't get a visual idea about the data on hand. Histograms also tell us whether the data is skewed to the left or right 2. The mean is 40.812 million sales per week and the median is 40.350 million sales per week 3. The sample standard deviation is 4.277 million. The Range is 20.700 million. The
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Unformatted text preview: IQR is 6.200 4. The median and mean are very close to each other, approximately 40 million so less than 47 million seems to be normal however the weeks where more than 50 million bars were sold probably have to do with a time where demand was more than usual 5. For the first 26 weeks, the mean is 38.023 and median is 38.450 For the second 26 weeks, the mean is 43.600 and median is 43.850 6. The biggest difference between the first and last 26 weeks of sales figures is that the second 26 weeks appear to have more sales. The range in the last 26 weeks is 19.2 opposed to 8.8 in the first 26 weeks...
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