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BUAD 310 Minitab Project 4 1. a.) I see that the histogram is not symmetrical so that is why I would choose Chebyshev’s rule. b.) (minitab) The range is the least robust and the IQR is the most robust c.) The lower bound has negative values so we make it zero and in this case it would be (0, 3.219). The empirical rule is a better estimate in this case 2. a.) The normal sample will be the most volatile because its mean is closest to zero
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Unformatted text preview: b.) Exponential – skewed to the right Normal – symmetric Uniform – symmetric c.) Normal – empirical Uniform – Chebyshev Exponential – empirical d.) 1.1547 – -1.1547 = 57.7% 4 e.) The empirical rule doesn’t work well because it overestimates because its not unimodal. Normal from (-1,1) = .68269 f.) Exp P (0 < x < 2) = .8644 Exp P (0 < x < 1) = .632121...
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