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minitab project 9

minitab project 9 - 6 We check by getting the histogram of...

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BUAD 310 Fall 2009 Minitab Project 9 1. Assumption 2 because neighboring years should be related 2. To check assumption 1, we need to plot x vs y. The relationship is not linear so the assumption is not likely to be valid 3. Since the p-valuie > 10% we do not reject H 0 therefore lag-1 is not significant in the population 4. The Durbin-Watson Stat = 1.63383 which is between the range of 1,3 so assumption 2 does hold 5. We plot the residuals against the fit. If the assumption holds you want the points to be uniform. In this example the assumption doesn’t hold. The graph is not uniform which means indicates the variances are not equal
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Unformatted text preview: 6. We check by getting the histogram of the residuals. The histogram is unimodal, so the assumption does hold 7. The first 3 assumptions don't hold so the answers in project 8 are not valid 8. There are no outliers. The leverage point is 4/18 = .2222. The leverage point exists in the thirteenth year when S&P experienced a 23% decline. 9. The leverage points represent the year in which the percent of return of S & P is extreme. (An extremely good or bad performance) 10. When the leverage point is removed from the data, the new regression analysis shows a change in the regression line...
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