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Some Like It Hot - SomeLikeItHot (1959) Crew: Directed by...

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Some Like It Hot (1959) Crew : Directed by Billy Wilder • Screenplay by Billy Wilder and I.A.L. Diamond • Produced by Billy Wilder • Cinematography by Charles Lang Jr. • Edited by Arthur P. Schmidt • Background Score by Adolph Deutsch • Songs Supervised by Matty Malneck • Choreography by Jack Cole • Set Decoration by Edward G. Boyle • Art Direction by Ted Haworth• Costume Design by Burt Henrikson and Orry-Kelly • Sound by Fred Lau • Makeup and Hair by Emile LaVigne, Alice Monte, and Agnes Flanagan • Produced by Ashton Productions Inc. and the Mirisch Company • Distributed by United Artists • NR Running Time: 120 minutes. Cast : Marilyn Monroe (Sugar Kane Kowalczyk) • Tony Curtis (Joe/Josephine/Junior) • Jack Lemmon (Jerry/Daphne) • George Raft (“Spats” Columbo) • Pat O’Brian (Detective Mulligan) • Joe E. Brown (Osgood Fielding III) • Nehemiah Persoff (Little Bonaparte) • Joan Shawlee (Sweet Sue) • Billy Gray (Sig Poliakoff) • George E. Stone (Toothpick Charlie) • Dave Barry (Beinstock) • Barbara Drew (Nellie) A gender-bending farce with heavily parodic overtones, Some like It Hot (Billy Wilder, 1959) faithfully replicates the sonic contours of the roaring twenties through its Jazz-inspired sound design. The collaborative effort behind the sound design of the film results in a careful melding of extant and original musical material with Adolphe Deutsch providing the background orchestral underscore and Matty Malneck managing the Jazz numbers throughout the film. Already an accomplished composer and conductor, Deutsch had been lauded for his work throughout the 1950s with Show Boat (Jerome Kern, 1951), The Band Wagon (Vincente Minelli, 1953), and Oklahoma ! (Fred Zinneman, 1955). Malneck’s extensive professional experience in performing and writing Jazz numbers since the 1920’s, including the film’s final number “I’m Through With Love,” lent the film a higher degree of musical authenticity. Their work together on this film is not only a skillful melding of underscore and source music but also indicative of the inherent duality of the film’s overall sound design, as the film is always pursuing multiple objectives with its types and uses of sound. Some Like It Hot cleverly enlists the verbal and musical elements of the soundtrack to create particular aesthetic effects that serve both the film’s comedic intentions as well as its larger thematic commentary on gender norms. This is realized most clearly through the establishment of setting and atmosphere, the creation of a doubling effect through various sound techniques, the carrying of the film’s pace, and characterization through orchestral leitmotif. Before the film officially reveals its setting and time period, the audience is first treated to a
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Some Like It Hot - SomeLikeItHot (1959) Crew: Directed by...

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