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NotesWeek11PostclassicalPeriod - Part 2 The Postclassical...

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Part 2: The Postclassical Period: 1946-1962 A) Conditions and causes for Genre experimentation in American film a. The post-war years of transition in America, 1946-1962 i. Ginormous transition of culture. Everything changed: political, societal, religious, and that led to aesthetic change ii. Genre is a myth or story of the culture: what we like/dislike/embrace/what we dream about constitutes the myths. So if the culture is going to change, the myths have to change iii. America was fascinated with Europe and their goods b. Creator and consumer sophistication i. Younger kids saw the classical movies on television ii. Creators wanted to do something different because audiences have seen these before; audiences expected something different iii. The sophistication of the audience and partly the film makers was sharper post-war than pre-war c. Technological developments i. Another way to get the people back into theatres is expand the technology 1. color, widescreen, sound ii. technology affects myths, content, & iconography d. Easing of censorship i. It gets looser, allowing filmmakers to say things more profoundly and fully. ii. Allows them to say things they WOULDN’T say before iii. Changes myths which also causes this transition in genre iv. European movies thought character before they thought plot and they had an influence on this genre experimentation 1. They also didn’t follow formulas as much e. The breakup of the Studio System and the Mode of Independent Production
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i. Some studios were factories and pumping out movies before the war ii. Now you could be a director/author/actor and get a script and take it to the studio for financing and equipment iii. The studio let these artists handcraft their own movies iv. An independent production said something that was never said before, something that HAD to be said v.
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NotesWeek11PostclassicalPeriod - Part 2 The Postclassical...

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