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NotesWeek13Postmodernism - Part 4 The Postmodernist Period...

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Part 4: The Postmodernist Period: 1977-Present A) Conditions and Causes for Postmodernism in American Film a. The postmodern condition, 1977-present; its sensibility i. Chicago - goes back to the past to the 20s to a murder that actually happened. Became a play, the movie called Roxie Hart, then broadway took it over in 1976 ii. The broadway show had no heart, it was all about style, so what the hell, lets do it with style because we’re all gonna go to hell. It was cold when a musical should be warm. It was all mind, intelligent. It didn’t want you to warm up to these people, it kept you outside. b. The emphasis on business and technology i. Advertisement during the Super Bowl- Fred Astaire is in a vanilla suit and is dancing with a bevy of beautiful ladies singing “Steppin’ out with my Baby”. In the commercial, they took the sequence with the same song and dance and replaced his cane with a DirtDevil Vaccum cleaner ii. Technology and business can be fused to become artistic c. Youth culture B) Postmodernism a. A periodizing concept- it roughly describes the culture from late consumer Capitalism b. An aesthetic sensibility i. Postmodernism is a reaction to modernism 1. It set itself up in saying that it would do something different from modernism but took the things that were on the outskirts of modernism and made it central 2. Reaction and extension of modernism a. An attempt to do something different ii. Disregard and disrespect for “reality” 1. There is no respect for the integrity of the art
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2. Only the respect for technology to erase a cane 3. No respect for authenticity or the truth 4. Respect for the surface but not the substance 5. Casper doesn’t like multitasking. You are not in the present when you multitask. You are not whole. You are not authentic iii. The erasure of the distinction between high and low culture into a commodity called “pop culture” 1. As postmodern babies, we don’t like boundaries. We want collapse. 2.
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NotesWeek13Postmodernism - Part 4 The Postmodernist Period...

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