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NOtesWeek14Overdetermination and the Film Text

NOtesWeek14Overdetermination and the Film Text - A...

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A) Overdetermination and the Film Text a. This medium and every text is overly determined i. So many influences go into a movie to make a movie what it is B) Cinematic Influences a. Aesthetics- the only influence we’ve looked at in 190 so far i. Literary design, title design, subjects, themes, characters ii. Performance, styles iii. Visual design/Temporal Design/Sound design iv. Style-realism/formalism 1. Other styles 2. Producer’s style 3. Director’s style (Hitchcock, Wes Anderson, Tarintino) 4. Factory house style (Sony film must be different than Disney 5. Narrative systems v. Genre of the musical vi. Stuff we didn’t talk about or consider 1. A film should be placed in a filmic era 2. The star or star system b. Business practices of the industry i. Ex- The Gang’s All Here - the house style of Fox ii. What were the studio’s producing practices? What were there distribution practices? c. Film technology i. Black and white vs color ii. Classic ratio vs wide screen
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iii. Self-reflexive use of showing how color can be used in the visual design of The Gang’s All Here d. Censorship and prior restraints i. Sometime you have to give something to the censors in order to get something e. Production history i. Knowing what happened on the set or before the film was in production
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