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Week 15 A) Film Content a. A film has to be responsible: libel to be called on to answer. Who has to be responsible? The creator and the audience. We should be able to say why we are watching this movie and the creator should be able to say why he should make a film. b. In the day of age in which censorship has tumbled down, we should ask if the film is responsible in terms of sex, violence, and gratuity. B) Film Criticism a. Why criticism? i. To judge the responsibility of the film ii. To get more out of something. Anything that we do we should do as completely and intensely as possible. Don’t live around the moment, live in the moment. 1. If a film holds us on a visceral level, how can a movie not become part of ourselves? 2. If we then go out and contemplate the movie/talk about the movie, the movie becomes a deeper part of ourselves iii. If critical judgement critically informs the movie-going experience, we will become more discerning and will become a better audience. If great audiences aren’t out there, there won’t be great movies made. iv. Films alone don’t make films resonate. Talking about films, arguing about films do make a culture resonate b. Types i. Reviews 1. People who sell us on the movie ii. Critic 1. More articulate and have a higher standard in which to watch a film iii. High-end newspapers
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1. New York Times iv. Weekly/monthly newspapers 1. Newsweek, time v. Film journals vi. Academic 1. Auteur a. More than one film being produced, director, or starred by the same person b. Stanley Dawning (
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NotesWeek15FilmContentAndCriticism - Week 15 A) Film...

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