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Final notes - Some Like it Hot o Realism (Hollywood...

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Some Like it Hot o Realism (Hollywood classical) o Post classical 1. relaxed attitude towards sex and sexuality 2. tabloidization of America shown through the casting of Marylyn Monroe 3. hybridization of gansgster film and comedy 4. travel and leisure activities (going to Florida) o Comedy-farce / social satire 1. uses genre as a vehicle for social commentary on sexuality o aural motif 1. every time sugar shows up the wa wa trumpet sound to show her sensuality o filmic intertextuality 1. film goes outside of itself to reference the gangster film Days of Heaven 1. Realism/Formalism Realist in the way the processes are done How the harvest is done, how the factory work is done Many shots of landscapes and plains Formalist in terms of the narrator and how she is very causal. She is very marginal (non important) to the emotional elements of the story. Very formalist literary design Very realist visual design 2. modernist 3. family-melodrama -nostalgia takings us back to the simplicity of life yet showing the complexities at the same time Palm Beach Story 1. Realism (Hollywood classical) 2. Classical 3. screwball comedy Murder on The Orient Express 1. Realism/Formalism (expressive stylization)
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Final notes - Some Like it Hot o Realism (Hollywood...

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