me351_hw3 - ସ ܪ ଷ ܩ ଺ ܩ ଶ ܩ ଷ ܩ ଷ ෍ ෍...

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ME 351 Modeling and Control of Dynamic Systems Homework #3 1. Sketch the step response of a system with the transfer function ܩሺݏሻ ൌ ݏ 2 ൅1 ݏ 40 ൅1ቁ൤ቀ ݏ 4 ݏ 4 ൅1൨ . Justify your answer on the basis of the locations of the poles and zeros.(do not find the inverse laplace transform.) Then compare your answer with the step response computed using MATLAB. 2. Use block diagram algebra or Mason’s rule to determine the transfer function between R(s) and Y(s)in Fig. 3. Use block diagram reduction to derive the transfer function ܺ 1 ሺݏሻ/ܷሺݏሻ . ܩ ܩ ܪ ܪ
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Unformatted text preview: ସ ܪ ଷ ܩ ଺ ܩ ଶ ܩ ଷ ܩ ଷ ෍ ෍ ෍ ෍ Y(s) R(s) 20 3 1/s 5 1/s U(s) ݔ ଶ ሺݏሻ ݔ ଵ ሺݏሻ 4. Use the Routh –Hurwitz criterion to determine the number of roots that have positive real parts. a) ݏ ଶ ൅ 2ݏ ଶ ൅ 5ݏ ൅ 24 ൌ 0 b) ݏ ଷ ൅ 2ݏ ଶ ൅ 4ݏ ൅ 8 ൌ 0 5. Find the transfer functions Y(s)/ ܷ ଵ (s) and Y(s)/ ܷ ଶ (s) fort he block diagram shown. [Hint:take the other input as zero to find the Transfer Function] 3/(s+1) 2 4/(10s + 1) 6 ܷ ଵ ሺݏሻ ܷ ଶ ሺݏሻ ܯሺݏሻ ܻሺݏሻ...
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me351_hw3 - ସ ܪ ଷ ܩ ଺ ܩ ଶ ܩ ଷ ܩ ଷ ෍ ෍...

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