101-2001&2002-2-M10-March2002 - of the derivative...

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· . Kuwait University Dept. of Math. Camp. Sci. Math. 101 First Exam. March 23,2002 Duration: 75 minutes Calculators and mobile phones are not allowed. Answer all of the following questions. I 1. Find the following limit, if it exists lim (3 + 51xl cas 3.) . x-+O x (4 Points) 2. Find the vertical and horizontal asymptotes, if any, for the graph of f, where f(x) = )3x2 + 1 2 - x . 2x+A, if x < 1, f(x) = ~ sin(x - 1) if x > 1. , Find the value of A so that f is continuous at x = 1. 4. Use the definition
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Unformatted text preview: of the derivative to find l' (1) where f (x) = )5 -4x. 5. Let f (x) = x~-7x~ + 2. Find the point(s) on the graph of f at which (a) the tangent line is horizontal (b) the graph of f has a vertical tangent line. (4 Points) 3 A----2. (4 points) (4 points)-0-2. (4 points) 6. '7'ind an equation of the normal line to the graph of y = x2 + x2-7 at x = 1. 2x + 1...
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101-2001&amp;2002-2-M10-March2002 - of the derivative...

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