101-2003&2004-2-M20-May2004 - Kuwait University...

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Kuwait University, Faculty of Science Dept. of Mathematics Computer Science Calculus I (Math 101) Second Mid-TerlTI Test . Time: 75 min. May 6,2004 Calculators, Mobile phones, Pagers and all other mobile communication equipments are NOT allowed. Answer the following questions: 1. [4 points] Let f(x) = 3(4 + x)~. Use differentials to approxilnate f(3.9). 2. [4 points] Find an equation of the tangent line to the graph of tan2(x) - cos(2x) - y3 = a at the point whose x-coordinate is 11. 3. [1 +3 points] (a) State Rolle's theoreln. (b) Let f) fl and jff be continuous on [a, b]. Suppose that the graph of f intersects the x-a?Cisat 3 points in (a, b). Show that pI (x) = 0 has a solution in ( a, b). 40 [4 points] A snow ball is Inelting at a rate of O.03ft3/hr. At what rate is the surface area changing when the volume of the ball is 367r? e-: [9 . ] L f() 3x2-10x+3 Vc pOlnts_ et x = I ,\') (a) Find the vertical and horizontal asymptotes for the graph of j, if any. (b) Given that
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This note was uploaded on 02/23/2010 for the course CHEMISTRY 0420101 taught by Professor Dep during the Spring '10 term at Kuwait University.

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101-2003&2004-2-M20-May2004 - Kuwait University...

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