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Unformatted text preview: Analyzing Strategic Management Cases Why Analyze Strategic Management Cases? • The process of analyzing, decision making, and implementing strategic actions raises many good questions – Why do some firms succeed and others fail? – Why are some companies higher performers than others? – What information is needed in the strategic planning process? – How do competing values and beliefs affect strategic decision making? – What skills and capabilities are needed to implement a strategy effectively? Why Analyze Strategic Management Cases? • Case analysis – Simulates the real-world experience – Forces you to choose among different options – Set forth a plan of action based on your choices • Strategic management cases – Detailed description of a challenging situation faced by an organization – Usually includes a chronology of events and extensive support materials – Financial statements – Product lists – Transcripts of interviews with employees Skills Developed from Case Analyses • Differentiate – Evaluate many different elements of a situation at once – Differentiating between the factors that are influencing the situation – Understanding that problems are often complex and multilayered • Dig deep • Being too quick to accept an easy solution will probably fail to get to the heart of the problem •...
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Notes_on_Analyzing_SM_case - Analyzing Strategic Management...

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