Mirza_Lab5 - 1 Ayesha Afzal Mirza Health Wellness and...

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Ayesha Afzal Mirza Health, Wellness and Nutrition with Lab FALB09 - Sec T Instructor: Debbie Polisky February 5, 2010 Lab 5 1
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Questions: Why do some scientists say to eat a certain amount of each a day? Who designs these allotments? And why? Scientists recommend a specified calorie diet that individuals should consume per day due to numerous health concerns. Eating to less can result in a deficiency disease where as eating a lot can lead to obesity and heart disease. Furthermore, regulating ones intake level would regulate the body’s metabolism level that would establish a healthy digestive system. According the Weigh Loss Resources, the average calories intake of an individual should be between 2000-2600, depending on height and weight (Weight Loss Resources 2009). Recommended Dietary Allowances ( RDA ) was developed by Lydia J. Roberts, Hazel K. Stiebeling and Helen S. Mitchell during World War II for the US military in order to investigate issues of nutrition that might affect national defense. RDA involves suggestions of all nutrients
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Mirza_Lab5 - 1 Ayesha Afzal Mirza Health Wellness and...

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