Mirza_Lab3 - 1 Ayesha Afzal Mirza Health Wellness and...

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Ayesha Afzal Mirza Health, Wellness and Nutrition with Lab FALB09 - Sec T Instructor: Debbie Polisky January 24, 2010 Lab 3 1
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Obesity is a major problem in modern America. Who is to blame? A corporation? The individual? Society? Or is it really a matter of blame? After viewing the following sites, answer the questions and relate other examples, too, into the answers. a. What arguments are being raised by the Grocery Manufacturers of America? - GMA argues there are no two sides to obesity. Society should work as a whole to provide a solution to the problem rather than blaming one another. According to Gene Grabowski of the Grocery Manufacturers of America, long term solutions should be targeted for obesity rather than banning of foods and higher levy taxes for their prevention (Hellmich & Rubin 2003). He goes on to say “We believe the solution lies in providing good information to parents and their kids so they can make smart choices among the variety b. Are they taking responsibility as contributors to the obesity epidemic? If yes, list them. If not, why not? -
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Mirza_Lab3 - 1 Ayesha Afzal Mirza Health Wellness and...

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