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Biol223_Smith Exam II 19 December 2003 PAGE 1 of 5 Exam # Biology 223, sections 5 & 6 (Smith) Fall 2003 Exam II, 19 December 2003 7:30 am - 8:50 am EXAM COPY # No notes, no calculators, no phones. Write your name and student ID number on this page. Use non-erasable ink, write on the back if needed. Write legibly and succinctly, you will be graded on the quality of your communication, and that includes expressing ideas clearly using proper terminology. Show your work and justify your conclusions, partial credit is given, but likewise, do not ramble. Negative points may be assigned to frivolous and grossly incorrect answers. 100 points possible, 80 minutes. Note points per question and spend your effort accordingly! codon chart Second base
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Biol223_Smith Exam II 19 December 2003 PAGE 2 of 5 Exam # Question 1 for 15 points Mendel studied 7 unlinked characteristics of the common pea plant, in which smooth seeds are dominant over wrinkled seeds, yellow seeds are dominant over green seeds, gray coated seeds are dominant over white coats, axial flowers over terminal, inflated pods over pinched, green pods over yellow, and tall stems over short. If a true breeding stocks of peas with: smooth, yellow seeds with gray coats, terminal flowers, pinched, yellow pods, and short stems is crossed with a true breeding strain of peas with: wrinkled, green seeds with gray coats, axial flowers, inflated, yellow pods and tall stems , what proportion of the F2 generation is expected to have wrinkly, yellow, gray-coated seeds, with axial flowers and pinched green pods and short stems? Question 2 for 15 points
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Biol223_Smith_02_2003-2004Fall_ExamII - Biol223_Smith Exam...

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