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Biol223_Smith Exam I, 27 March 2004 PAGE 1 of 6 Exam # Biology 223, sections 4, 5 & 6 Spring 2004 Exam I, 27 March 2004 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm EXAM COPY # No notes, no calculators, no phones. Write your name and student ID number at the top of this page. Use non-erasable ink, write on the back if needed. Write legibly and succinctly, and use proper terminology. Show your work and justify your conclusions, partial credit is given, but likewise, do not ramble. Negative points may be assigned to frivolous and grossly incorrect answers. 15 Questions on 6 pages total. 100 points possible, 120 minutes. Note points per question and spend your effort accordingly!
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Biol223_Smith Exam I, 27 March 2004 PAGE 2 of 6 Exam # Question 1 for 10 points By what structure are sister chromatids joined during metaphase of mitosis? Question 2 for 10 points Name the 4 phases of the eukaryotic cell cycle starting immediately after cell division. You may use the standard abbreviations or complete names. Question 3 for 6 points A small molecule is found that inhibits bacterial replication. Some of the DNA extracted from treated cells is nicked. Name one of two enzymes, that when inhibited, might be expected to cause this defect. Question 4 for 7 points Given the following segment of the protein-coding-region from an mRNA (5’->3’), underline the stop codons of every translational reading frame and draw slashes (/) between codons of the longest reading
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Biol223_Smith_04_2003-2004Spring_ExamI - Biol223_Smith Exam...

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