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Biol223_Smith_20_2006-2007Fall_ExamII -...

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Biol223_Smith_2006-2007Fall_ExamII 22 December 2006 PAGE 1 of 7 Biology 223 Fall 2006-2007 Exam II, 22 December 2006 EXAM COPY # No notes, no calculators, no phones. Write your name and student ID number at the top of this page. I prefer ink. Write your answer where indicated, if possible, write on the back if needed. Write legibly and succinctly, using proper terminology. If I cannot read or understand your answer, you may receive no credit. You must show your work and justify your conclusions, partial credit may be awarded. State any important assumptions and indicate ambiguity. Negative points may be assigned to unjustified, frivolous, and grossly incorrect answers. 100 points possible Russell, 2nd edition, chapters 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 15, 16, 18 Note points per question and spend your effort accordingly! codon chart Second base
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Biol223_Smith_2006-2007Fall_ExamII 22 December 2006 PAGE 2 of 7 a Question 1 for 15 points (5 minutes) The sequence below represents an mRNA containing a polymorphic site (underlined). a) design DNA primers 18 nt long to amplify the SNP for sequencing such that the product is as short as possible, but one primer includes the 3’-end of the sequence below. Calculate the length of the product in base pairs. b) design a DNA probe 21 nt long, to hybridize specifically to the A polyporphism, and write the sequence 5’ to 3’. 5’-AGCCUACCAUUACUAAGUCAGGUAGGUCC N UACUUUAGUGCAUUACACAUACAGACGGACUA-3 Question 2 for 15 points (5 minutes) One night in the local maternity ward, a power outage caused confusion as to which newborn sons belonged to which mothers. Unfortunately, one mother left with a baby boy in the confusion. A hypothetical polymorphic VNTR probe (15 loci on the X chromosome) was used to genotype the 8 remaining mothers (all designated with M) and the 8 remaining newborn boys (all designated with S). Use the Southern blot below to identify possible mothers for each boy. Beware of ambiguity and show
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Biol223_Smith_20_2006-2007Fall_ExamII -...

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