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Biol223_Smith_2007-2008Fall_ExamI 10 November 2007 PAGE 1 of 6 Biology 223 Fall 2007-2008 Exam I, 10 November 2007 EXAM COPY # No notes, no calculators, no phones, etc. Write your name and student ID number at the top of this page and most importantly, on the answer page . The answer page will be graded, you must place your answers in the space provided. Write legibly, if I cannot read or understand your answer, you will receive no credit. If it takes too much effort, you may lose points. It may help if you show your work below the question in the body of the exam. Unanswered questions receive zero credit. Within parts of multi-part questions, incorrect answers will subtract from correct parts. Unjustifiable, frivolous, and grossly incorrect answers may be assigned negative points. Thus, it is possible to receive a negative score on the exam. If you find any mistakes of mine in the question, note it on your exam and you may receive extra credit. 100 points possible Russell, 2nd edition, chapters 1, 2, 3, 4, 11, 12, 15, 16 Note points per question and spend your effort accordingly!
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Biol223_Smith_2007-2008Fall_ExamI 10 November 2007 PAGE 2 of 6 Question 1 for 12 points a) Identify any normal base found in unmodified DNA or RNA as adenine, cytosine, guanine, thymine or uracil, or other (A, C, G, T/U, or other) by writing their numbers in the appropriate columns below. b) identify any base pairs (with standard with bases or not) that have Watson-Crick geometry (as found in A- and B-form DNA and RNA), or not, by writing their numbers in the box provided. base identity A C G T/U other base numbers pairs with Watson-Crick geometry pairs without Watson-Crick geometry Question 2 for 10 points In a prototrophic strain of Neurospora crassa , intermediate A is made from components of minimal medium by enzyme 1, et cetera. Consider the following hypothesis diagrammed below, where compounds D, E, and G are
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Biol223_Smith_22_2007-2008Fall_ExamI -...

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