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BIOL 223 Smith 2008-2009 Spring Exam I Page 1 of 6 BIOL 223 Spring 2008-2009 Smith Exam I, 28 February 2009 Notes, calculators, phones, and communication with others is forbidden. Write your name and student ID number at the top of this page and on the answer sheet, the last page. You must show your work. If you do not show your work, you may not receive credit . Write legibly, if I cannot read or understand your answer, you will receive no credit. If it takes too much effort to understand, you may lose points. Unanswered questions receive zero credit, and within parts of multi-part questions, incorrect answers may subtract from correct parts. Unjustifiable, frivolous, and grossly incorrect answers may be assigned negative points. Thus, it is possible to receive a negative score on the exam. If you find any mistakes of mine in the question, note it on your exam answer page and you may receive extra credit. There are 100 points possible. It covers Russell, 2nd edition, chapters 1, 2, 3, 4, 11, 12, 15, 16 Note points per question and spend your effort accordingly! Recall that the 37.5 % of your total course grade will be calculated from the higher of 25 % Smith Exam I + 10 % Smith Final + 2.5 % Smith Recitation or 12.5 % Smith Exam I + 20 % Smith Final + 5 % Smith Recitation
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BIOL 223 Smith 2008-2009 Spring Exam I Page 2 of 6 Question 1 for 6 points (3 minutes) Consider a random sequence of single stranded RNA 10 000 nucleotides long, with an unbiased base composition (one quarter A, one quarter C, one quarter G, and one quarter U). N refers to any, Y refers to pyrimidine, R refers to purine. a) How many times would you expect the sequence 5’-ARYNAUGR-3' to occur? b) How many times would you expect 5’-RYAUG-3' to occur in a 10 000 nt RNA made with only A, U, and G (1:1:1)? Q1 a b Question 2 for 8 points (5 minutes) Three single stranded oligodeoxynucleotides were labeled at their 5’-phosphates with P-32. Their sequences are shown below 5’->3’. The three oligos were mixed together in vitro, heated, and slowly cooled so that they annealed where complementary. To this mixture was added a DNA polymerase and dNTPs in a reaction buffer. For each condition described (polymerase and dNTPs added), predict the length (in nucleotides) of all radioactive species (reactants and products) that would be visible by denaturing gel electrophoresis. Your answer should be one or more whole numbers. If you predict more than one product,
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Biol223_Smith_28_2008-2009Spring_ExamI - BIOL 223 Smith...

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