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Procedure: 2.1 Remove a random sample of the mixture 2.2 Separate and count the beads of different colors 2.3 Record your data: White: Colored: 2.4 What are your predictions with respect to the numbers of beads in the sample? Evaluate the deviations from the predicted values using χ 2analysis. O E O-E (O-E)2 (O-E)2/E Total χ 2 2.5 How many degrees of freedom do you have in the interpretation of the χ 2 value? 2.6 What is the probability that the observed deviations are only due to chance? 2.7 Interpret you results 3. Probability Distribution
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Unformatted text preview: You will get a large mixture of beads of 2 different colors in exactly equal numbers. Assume that the beads represent the alleles for pigment production gene; the colored beads represent the allele for normal pigmentation and the white beads represent the alleles for albinism. Lab Topic 1 16 Suppose that you marry a person who has a normal pigmentation just like you, but that both of you are carriers of the allele for albinism. The 2 alleles will be present in equal amounts in your gametes. Procedure:...
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