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Physics 3002, Problem Set 9, due 4/15/09 Lam Hui 1. Ryden problem 7.7. In this problem, you are asked to show that the total physical area (measured today) of a sphere with a radius r (here, r refers to the coordinate radial distance, not a physical distance) is given by equation 7.24. You should be able to show this starting from the Robertson Walker metric given in equation 7.22. Note that in Ryden, d Ω 2 is a shorthand for 2 + ( sin θ ) 2 2 . 2. Ryden problem 7.8. Hints for the second part of this problem (i.e. deriva- tion of equation 7.54): 1. you might Fnd the discussion on intensity
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Unformatted text preview: J at the beginning of Chapter 2 useful, but you should also keep in mind that equation 2.2 for instance assumes Minkowski space, which is not what we have here; 2. the problem tells you that n is the number density of standard candles today, and that the candles are neither created nor destroyed as you go backward (or forward) in time you should think carefully what this means for the proper number density versus comoving number density (one stays constant but the other changes with time)....
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