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CS 6420 - Midterm - Winter 1999 Prof. Schwan P YOUR NAME: Y Closed book, closed notes. C 1) Short questions: 25 mins. (questions marked with * have more weight) a. By giving some concrete examples of OS functionality, explain the difference between a monolithic kernels and microkernels. b. Define ŒEvents¹ in SPIN, describe why they are important, and how/why their b performance is important to that of the SPIN kernel itself. c. Contrast the notion of Œstrand¹ in SPIN with that of ŒProcessor Context¹ in the Aegis c operating system built on Exokernel. d.The Microkernel paper by Liedtke describes a number of specific techniques for specific d machines to turn what are thought of as Œexpensive kernel operations¹ into cheap ones. m Examples include address space switches, thread switches and IPC, on Pentium or E PowerPC processors. Describe at least one such technique in some detail. e. Try your best to argue that the ŒCache Affinity¹ model¹s assumptions are inappropriate,
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