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Project1 - together(If there is no cooling the heat will...

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P R O J E C T 1 From the d-q model of the 2-pole induction motor, predict the currents, speed and torque of the induction motor. The motor parameters are: R S =0.3 ohm, R R =0.15 ohm, M=0.035 H, s A =0.0015H, R A =0.0007H. At t=0, the speed is zero and the currents are zero. Assume that f 1 =0 and T L =0. You are given that in the a-b-c frame the stator terminals are connected to a balanced, 3- phase 60 Hz 110 V supply. (Note that unless otherwise notified, all nameplate voltages and currents are line voltages and currents. The stator windings are Y-connected.) Obtain results for the following cases: (a) J=0.01 Kg-m 2 (b) J=0.1 Kg-m 2 (c) J=1 Kg-m 2 Your answers should include plots of (i) the d-phase of the stator current; (ii) the rotor speed in rpm; (iii) the torque in Newton-meter (iv) the time-integral of the ohmic losses in stator windings and the rotor windings
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Unformatted text preview: together. (If there is no cooling, the heat will raise the winding temperature and eventually the insulation material will reach ignition point and catches fire.) The simulation is run until the speed reaches the rated speed which is around 0.05 slip (what is the rpm?). Note the stator current magnitude and torque at 0.05 slip. For each of the values of J in (a), (b) and (c), compare them with the largest values during the acceleration transients and note what the overload current ratio and overload peak torque ratio are. The mechanical strength must be able to withstand the peak torque. The i 2 R integrated over time is heat which raises the temperature of the windings and reduces the life time of the insulation. In your conclusion discuss which is preferred: a large or small moment of inertia?...
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