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Unformatted text preview: Midterm 3 23/02/2009 19:00:00 Pgs 170.4-190 (Chapter 6) The Kiss Represents True Love Sometimes 1. Kissing is unknown as many non western societies 2. Attitudes toward kissing vary, especially deep kissing (or French kissing) Petting and Fondling refers to a variety of noncoital behaviors 1. Foreplay/after play 2. Necking, petting, heavy petting (Fondling can be used to describe any of these behaviors) 3. Outercourse, dry humping, tribadism (rubbing vulvas and thrusting) Oral Sex is increasingly popular 1. Fellatio oral stimulation of the penis a. May run lips rhythmically up and down the shaft or use the tongue to stimulate sensitive portions (i.e. corona and frenulum) b. good communication is key (to avoid gagging and miscommunications about whether the receiver is okay with having ejaculate in the mouth) c. men typically enjoy fellatio more than women d. demographic differences (i.e. more educated people tend to enjoy it more so you are in collegewhat do you think??) 2. Cunnilingus 0 oral stimulation of the vulva a. explore vulva with lips and tongue b. for some women, this is the only way in which they can regularly achieve orgasm 3. 69 mutual oral sex in a head to genitals fashion 4. Anilingus mouth anal contact Most sexual encounters include coitus 1. wide variety of positions different positions achieve different goals a. e.g. some positions may allows the man to make thrusting motions but may strict Ws mobility, some require strenuous exertion, some provide more erotic stimulation to the W than the M 2. Man-above position (traditional favorite) a. woman lies on her back with her legs parted and the man places himself above her (missionary position) b. know advantages and disadvantages i. e.g. may provide more erotic stimulation to the man than woman 3. Womens movement has encouraged alternative positions a. woman about i. gives W greater control; W may receive more erotic stimulation b. side by side position i. relatively relaxed; prolongs sexual encounter c. rear-entry coitus (doggy-style) i. NOT synonymous with anal sex ii. No direct stimulation of clitoris but may be desirable for G spot stimulation Anal sex may be a part of either heterosexual or male homosexual behavior 1. Anal sex penetration of the anus by the penis (butt-fucking) 2. Not rare in heterosexual sex 3. usually necessary to go slowly and learn to relax sphincter, as well as use lubricant 4. The anus can also be penetrated with objects other than a penis (i.e. a dildo, a 4....
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Midterm 3 - Midterm 3 23/02/2009 19:00:00 Pgs 170.4-190...

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