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Reading Notes 2 - Lecture 12 Memory and Iron from the Great...

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Lecture 12 “Memory and Iron” from the Great War and Modern Memory -Paul Fussell Fussell discusses the effects of war on individuals and how that effect has grown to become an okay issue. “In reading memoirs of the war one notices the same phenomenon over and over. By applying to the past a paradigm of ironic action, a rememberer is enabled to locate, draw forth and finally shape into significance an event or moment which otherwise would merge without meaning into the general undifferentiated stream.” Fussell stated this quote to show the transition memories have taken for many. Memories of war are not joyful and easy to speak about, however, over the years it has. Now the past is spoken about lightly and in a mockery, as if to make things okay. One example shown was from the book, Catch-22. Yossarian thought everything was going to be all right, but as soon as one wound was healed on his friend, Snowden, another appeared. This wound was unsalvageable; Snowden’s organs were no longer inside his body. “Its dynamics of hope, abridged, is what makes it haunt the memory.” In order for society to cope with horrific events that have happened, somehow we have to connect it with another less threatening item to balance the effects of it out. To only be able to recall memories this way causes a huge gap between the means, war, and ends, using humans as fire. Lecture 13 “The Two Answers of the Colonized” –Albert Memmi Memmi proposes two options the colonized have to break away from oppression: he attempts to become different or to reconquer all the dimensions which colonization tore
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Reading Notes 2 - Lecture 12 Memory and Iron from the Great...

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