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Chapter 5, Energy 56 C HAPTER 5 5.1 Work 1. The unit of work, joule, is dimensionally the same as: a. newton/second. b. newton/kilogram. c. newton-second. d. newton-meter. 2. Rupel pushes a box 5.00 m by applying a 25.0-N horizontal force. What work does she do? 3. A worker pushes a sled with a force of 40 N over a level distance of 6.0 m. If a frictional force of 24 N acts on the wheelbarrow in a direction opposite to that of the worker, what net work is done on the wheelbarrow? 4. A horizontal force of 100 N is applied to move a 45-kg cart across a 9.0-m level surface. What work is done by the 100-N force? 5. I use a rope 2.00 m long to swing a 10.0-kg weight around my head. The tension in the rope is 20.0 N. In half a revolution how much work is done by the rope on the weight? a. 40.0 J b. 126 J c. 251 J d. 0
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