Ishmael Ch1-4 - Ngoc Bui English Comp.3 Sec#9 Professor...

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Ngoc Bui English Comp.3 Sec #9 Professor Lisovsky Ishmael Ch.1-4 Questions 1. Have you ever felt you were being told a great lie, as does Kurt in the narrator's parable (1.7)? Is this some kind of "captivity" as Ishmael expresses it? At this point of the book, I cannot think of any specific lie that I have been told of that is similar to that of Kurt in the narrator’s paper. However, I can imagine various cases in which the lies are the underlying cause for why victims do things they way they do. Similar to that of Kurt’s, for which he felt everything he was told of have been told to make him do or see things a certain way. Although Kurt does not know what this great lie is, his writer, the narrator, tells a story of a great lie, which Kurt lives by all his life. However, I believe that regardless of how great the lie is or how insignificant it may be, all lies hold the victims captive as it provokes them to do and see things a certain way that the lies were designed for. For instance, take a minute and think of yourself as a student and how all children have been told, ever since the day of their birth, that they must go to school and earn a high degree in education to find a good-paying job. We were told the only way to make money and survive is by doing well in school because without an education, one will live a life of hunger and struggles. Without attending school, we would end up a criminal, a beggar and eventually in hell. After all, those who refuse to take part in society “do not get fed” (Quinn 36). This is a lie. You do not have to go attend school in order to gain an education. One can be educated anywhere one goes. If one does not learn Chemistry, one may learn construction work outside of school. Education is what you make of it.
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Ishmael Ch1-4 - Ngoc Bui English Comp.3 Sec#9 Professor...

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