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Guns, Germs & Steel Q&A - Ngoc Bui English...

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Ngoc Bui English 3 Sec#9 Professor Lisovsky Guns, Germs and Steel Questions 1. What do you think the expression "guns, germs and steel" in the source title refers to, now that you have read the excerpt from the book ? I believe that with the title “Guns, Germs and Steel,” the author Jared Diamond is referring to the technologies and developments of the societies with domestic plants and animals. From the excerpt, Diamond focuses his writing around the main connections of food production that has created direct and indirect progress and advantages over the hunter-gatherers back in the early 1900s. One of the indirect advantages is the creation of guns, germs and steel. The reading simply introduces the background to how guns, germs, steels and other developments came about before our time. 2. Did you learn anything new? A fact or a broad idea? Explain. I learned the ideas of the mind behind our earliest advances and developments. It is rather fascinating for I have never really stop to realize the advantages of domestic plants and animals. It does not take great minds to think of these developments such as how domestic animals (pigs, cows and chicken) can replace
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Guns, Germs & Steel Q&A - Ngoc Bui English...

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