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Ngoc Bui English Comp.3 Lisovsky 1. What is the significance of cultural scale, according to Bodley? Culture scale measures differences among cultures on various social and economic dimensions, based on different modes of organizing social power. The significance of this tool, according to Bodley, is that its sub categories “represent an evolutionary sequence of larger-scale societies” (13) in which there is a higher order of complexity and “greater concentration of social power” (13). These sub categories are: domestic, political and commercial. 2. What major comparisons does Bodley make between commercial-scale cultures and domestic-scale cultures (when he talks about The Uniqueness of Domestic-Scale Cultures? Commercial- and domestic-scale cultures, as Bodley says, “lie at opposite and incompatible poles” (16). Commercial-scale cultures are those with high population, organized by impersonal market exchanges, commercial enterprises, contracts and mainly, money. The
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