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CAFR PROJECT Due: Worth 100 points Purpose of this assignment : The objective of this assignment is for you to learn how to read a government’s financial statements and understand what those numbers mean. You will complete a financial analysis of the government and be able to determine the financial health of the government. During this project you will work in areas that are only lightly covered in class, if at all (keep in mind that we do not have enough time to cover all concepts during class time; some concepts will needed to be explored individually rather than in class). Although this apparent lack of direction may seem confusing or frustrating, the objective is to teach you to research issues and discover solutions on your own. You are encouraged to ask me (or your classmates) a lot of questions as your progress; that is part of the research process! I am here to guide your as your progress through the assignment, so please start asking questions early. Step 1: You must get approval for your government if you are choosing something other than the City of Fontana. If you would like to work with another student on the same government, please see me and we will discuss the idea. This must be a group effort if done together. If it appears that only one person did the work, I will consider this to be cheating and you will both receive a failing grade on the report. Grading: Grading will be based on accuracy of information, completeness of information, presentation and style, properness of format, and level of thoughtful analysis presented. I will drop up to one letter grade for format, spelling and grammatical errors that make your report difficult to read. Name of Government: Government web site: PART A : INTRODUCTION: USE YOUR OWN WORDS TO ANSWER THESE QUESTIONS – I WILL KNOW IF YOU COPY DIRECTLY FROM THE CAFR! 1. Describe what this government’s purpose is and how they achieve their purpose. 2. Describe the government’s management organizational structure. 3.
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CAFR_PROJECT_2010 - Accounting 468 CAFR PROJECT Due: Worth...

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