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Michael Moradian 1-19-2010 Act 468 Prof. Navaroli CSUSB ACCOUNTING 468 – ACCOUNTING FOR GOVERNMENTS AND NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATIONS HOMEWORK 1-1 Examine the CAFR. Download a copy of the most recent comprehensive annual financial report (CAFR) for the  City and County of Denver from its website: (click on “Financial Reports”), or  that of another city or county if you wish. Familiarize yourself with the organization by scanning the report and reread  the section in this chapter entitle “Financial Reporting of State and Local Governments.” Be prepared to discuss in class  the items suggested below. Introductory Section 1. Read the letter of transmittal or any narrative that accompanies the financial statements. a. Does this material define the governmental reporting entity and name the primary government and all related  component units included in the report? (Note: The reporting entity may be discussed in the notes to the  financial   statements   rather   than   in   the   transmittal   letter.)   The material does define the governmental reporting entity yet it you have to look down at each financial statement to see the different related component units included in each
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Chapter_1_HW_1-1 - Michael Moradian 1-19-2010 Act 468 Prof....

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