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SSCI 300_Week Three - SSCI 300 Non-Western World Fall 2008 Kevin E Grisham ABD College of Social& Behavioral Sciences California State Univ San

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Unformatted text preview: SSCI 300 Non-Western World Fall 2008 Kevin E. Grisham, ABD College of Social & Behavioral Sciences California State Univ., San Bernardino Points to Be Covered What is Globalization?: An What Overview • Video: “Young and Restless in China” China” Forms of Interdependence Forms Proponents of Globalization Proponents Opponents of Globalization Opponents Forms of Interdependence Economic Economic Interdependence Environmental Environmental Interdependence Cultural Cultural Interdependence 1 Economic Interdependence Pre-World War II Pre• Isolationist policies promoted protectionism • Policy of limiting trade between states Examples: Examples: • Tariffs on imported goods • Restrictive quotas • Anti-dumping Antilegislation Economic Interdependence (con’t.) (con’ Post-World War II Post• Greater desire to integrate economies • Bretton Woods Conference (July 1944) • Encouragement of open markets Formation of the Formation International Monetary Fund (IMF) & Fund International Bank for Reconstruction & Reconstruction Development (IBRD) – Development part of the World Bank today Creation of General Creation Agreement on Tariffs Agreement and Trade (GATT) – and today, World Trade Organization (WTO) Organization Economic Interdependence (con’t.) (con’ International Economic System Today International • Creation of regional trading systems Examples Examples • Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) • Greater Arab Free Trade Area (GAFTA) • African Economic Community (AEC) • Mercosur (Mercado Común del Sur – Comú Southern Common Market) • Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Investment by individuals in one country in Investment another country Physical investment or acquiring some Physical interests in another economy outside your own. Linkage to Multi-National Corporations (MNCs) Linkage Multi(MNCs) 2 Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) African Economic Community (AEC) 3 Mercosur – RTA (Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay) Environmental Interdependence Linkage between Linkage international economic integration & environmental concerns • Economic development = Enviromental impact Types of Goods Types • Private Goods vs Public Goods Internationalization & Internationalization the Environment • Creation of the UNEP • Kyoto Protocol & greenhouse emissions Cultural Interdependence Technological Technological advancements Spread of cultures across Spread national borders • Example Coca-Cola & Nescafe in CocaYemen Kobe Bryant in China Kobe • Travel & communications Issue of “cultural Issue colonialism” colonialism” Migration of dreams & Migration relative deprivation theory • Impact on cultures in developing world • Saudi Arabia & Institute for Science and Technology Carl’s Jr Restaurant in Tehran 4 Proponents of Globalization Why is globalization good? Why • Increases economic prosperity for the developing world Idea of neoliberalism Idea Example: China Example: • Promotes civil liberties Advancement of Advancement human rights, globally • Efficient allocation of resources • Sharing of ideas across state boundaries 5 Opponents of Globalization Are anti-globalization Are antiindividuals really antiantiglobal? • Building a bridge across the world (Stiglitz & (Stiglitz Charlton, 2005) Criticisms of Criticisms globalization • • • • Unfair trade Unfair labor practices Outsourcing “Jihad vs McWorld” McWorld” Next Time in Class The North-South Gap The NorthWhat Has Causes This Gap & Its What Effects on the Developing World Connection Between Conflict & Connection Poverty Current Events Current 6 ...
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