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Page 1 PRINT NAME AND ID #: _________ KEY _____________________________ BIEB 132: Introduction to Marine Biology 1 st midterm, Oct 22, 2009 Before you begin, write your name on each page. Answer in blue or black ink only. Each question is worth 2 points. Multiple choice questions have only one correct answer. You have 45 minutes for the exam. Good luck! Multiple choice (circle correct letter) 1. “Milky seas” are bioluminescent displays produced by: a) dinoflagellates b) coccolithophorids d) spawning worms 2. Pressure increases 1 atmosphere for every _______ depth: a) 5 meters c) 20 meters d) none of the above 3. Which hydrothermal vent animal lives at the highest temperatures: a) tube worm Riftia b) Pompeii worm Alvinella c) mussel Bathymodiolus d) vent crab Bythograea 4. Luminescent camouflage works best in : a) brightly lit surface waters c) complete darkness d) all of the above 5. Oxygen is transported into the fish air bladder by: a) lactic acid b) osmotic pump c) active transport 6. Coral bleaching occurs when corals expel their symbiotic: a) diatoms c) cyanobacteria d) green algae 7. The sulfide-binding protein in the blood of the hydrothermal vent tube worm Riftia : a) detoxifies the sulfide b) transports sulfide to the gills for excretion d) all of the above Short answer (one sentence only) 8. Name one strategy to reduce viscous drag. laminar boundary layer, riblets, tubercles, mucus, porpoising, no scales; NOT streamlining or shape changes 9. Describe one “monster of the deep”. bristlemouth–most abundant vertebrate; oarfish–longest bony fish; giant squid–one of largest invertebrates; gulper eel–big mouth, eats prey larger than itself; sixgill shark–largest deep-sea shark; vampire squid from hell–defensive behavior; hagfish–slimiest; anglerfish(devilfish)– glowing lure
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Page 2 PRINT NAME AND ID #: _________ KEY _____________________________ Fill in the blank 10. Define DIC: _________dissolved inorganic carbon ________________________________ 11. What is currently the most abundant form of DIC? _____bicarbonate or HCO 3 - __________ 12. As ocean pH decreases, what form of DIC becomes limiting? __carbonate or CO 3 2- ; NOT
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2009_1st_midterm_v1_key - Page 1 PRINT NAME AND ID #: _KEY_...

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