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BICD 100 A13 Wi09 ReinagelFinalReviewHandout-1 - BICD 100...

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BICD 100 A13 Wi09 Reinagel FINAL REVIEW HANDOUT (EXTRA…DON’T JUST STUDY THIS AS YOU MAY FAIL) Hey all So I have noted that several students have used my handouts for their cheat sheets last exam and felt that it was probably not the best way to study. I am not saying that you cannot use these handouts on your cheatsheet but is just that those people who score higher on the exams often have very little materials on their cheatsheet and those who have a lot of information on their cheat sheet often go into the test thinking that if they write everything or copy everything down on their paper that they can find it on the exam. So here are first a few notes that I would recommend you do 1. Write your own cheat sheet. Use a pen or pencil. If you wrote it once, you should know where the material is and so you would not waste time on the exam looking for it. Some of the stuff on this review is useless (did it so you won’t just copy) 2. Use different colors or highlighters for key words or methods of solving problems. 3. Save one practice test. And test out how good your cheat sheet is by taking the practice final with your cheat sheet. This way you can see if you need to add something or not onto your cheat sheet So the mega office hour is on Friday this week so the 13 th . If you have time please come I’ll be there again answering question as well as other TA’s. You can participate in 1 on 1 or as a class either way it is a good time to get all your questions answered. I also have extra review time/office hours next Monday from 6:30-9:20 in center 105 if anyone wants to come. I am sure other TA’s also have office hours setup before Tuesday’s test. So lastly…Good luck. Reinagel’s tests are often not tricky. But with that said you be careful and check. Please don’t complain that there is not enough time. The test will probably be 8-10 questions (most likely 10) and there will be almost 2.5 hours for the exam. Ta-You Huang PS: remember to evaluate your TA that you sign up for at The biology department takes these evaluations seriously and can make or break a returning TA’s chance to TA again so take it seriously. Oh and if all fails just evaluate me and give me a perfect but it does not matter for me since I am graduating. Ta-You Huang 1
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I would like to take Dr. Nesbitt for providing the problems used in this handout Mendelian Genetics/Chi Square Monohybrid crosses: Mendel was able to observe and understand the orderliness underlying biological inheritance, where others before him had failed, because of two features of his experiments. First, he chose an organism, garden peas, which reporoduces by self-fertilization and thus produces genetically unvarying, true breeding lines. Second, Mendel was interested in and followed the inheritance of well defined single traits. This allowed him to notice and follow significant hereditary variations. Geneticists have created some terms to use in discussing crosses such as those of
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BICD 100 A13 Wi09 ReinagelFinalReviewHandout-1 - BICD 100...

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