36p. Fluid flow experiment _printable_

36p. Fluid flow experiment _printable_ - Investigating...

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1 ©2009 by L. Lagerstrom Investigating Fluid Flow • For an introduction to the basic concepts, see the associated video clip • Torricelli's principle • Verifying Torricelli • Some data • Finding the relationship • Applying polyfit • Plotting the results ©2009 by L. Lagerstrom Toricelli's Principle Torricelli's principle of hydraulic resistance (1643) states that the volume flow rate F of a liquid through a restriction, such as an opening or a valve, is proportional to the square root of the pressure drop p across the restriction. Or: F = C*sqrt(P), where C is a constant. In many cases (such as a container of liquid) the pressure drop is caused by the volume of the liquid (the more liquid, the more pressure), so that the above equation becomes F = C*sqrt(V), where V is the volume of liquid and C is a constant. Note: To be precise, it's the height of the liquid above the valve that is key, but assuming that the surface area is constant with respect to height, we can use volume. ©2009 by L. Lagerstrom Verifying Torricelli In general, the Torricelli equation can be written F = C*V E , where the exponent E is equal to 1/2 if Torricelli is correct. A simple experiment with a water jug or similar container filled with water can be done to verify this. (See associated video clip for description of experimental setup.) We measure how long it takes for one cup to flow out of the
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36p. Fluid flow experiment _printable_ - Investigating...

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