WORKSHEET 2 Updated - 6.Chorus-7.Formal language-8.For the...

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Theatre 101 Worksheet 2 Greek Theatre page 57 - 72 I. Concept : “Man is the measure of all things”, Fate Religious ritual: to honor the Gods, Dithryambs Epic Poetry- II. Theatre : educates, sets laws, and moral standards Sponsors: private enterprise along with government, choregus Audience: elite citizens, men only Religious Festivals- Actors:Thespians, in competition, men only Characters: Protagonist- , Antagonist- Chorus: Voice of the people, public opinion Functions of the chorus (5)- III. Plays : Tragedy Surviving playwrights: Conventions 1.Real time- 2.Universal stage- 3.All male theatre- 4.3 main actors- 5.Masks (4 uses)-
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Unformatted text preview: 6.Chorus-7.Formal language-8.For the Gods-9.Violence off-stage-10. Two pure forms-Aeschylus-Sophocles-Euripides-Comedy Surviving Playwright: Aristophanes-Satyr plays Surviving play: The Cyclops by Euripides IV. Structure of : Tragedy : Prologue-Parados-Episodes-Stasimas-Strophe/ Anti-strophe-Exodus-Comedy : Prologue-Parabasis-Episodes-Stasimas -Agon-Komos-V. Performance space : outdoors, daytime only, built into natural setting Skene House-Orchestra-Paradoi-Altar-VI. Stage machinery : Deus ex machine-Ekkyclema ( Eccyclema )-...
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WORKSHEET 2 Updated - 6.Chorus-7.Formal language-8.For the...

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