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WORKSHEET_4_empty - Surviving playwrights...

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Theatre 101 Worksheet 4 Roman Theatre Concept/Lifestyle: Blood thirsty, competitive- Variety entertainment- Competitive arena- Religious ritual: to honor Gods, new Gods invented- Theatre: variety entertainment, comedy of character- Sponsors: Government- Audience: free and open to all- Actors: Men only, Histriones, in competition- Chorus: reduced in size in favor of character- Plays: Tragedy : reworking of Greek tragedies-
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Unformatted text preview: Surviving playwrights: Ovid-Seneca-Psychological motivation-Comedy : Character comedy Stock characters, stereotypes-Surviving playwrights: Plautus-Terence-Stock Character: stereotypes-Minor forms of drama : Mime-Pantomime-Theatre space: outdoors, daytime only, freestanding-Scaenae frons-Orchestra-Altar-Vomitoria-Stage curtains: Auleum-Siparium-Stage machinery: Periaktoi-...
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