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Lucas Whelan 2/2/10 History 101 Yugoslavia chapter summary The question of a unified Slavic state was one that brought great difficulties to the Peace Conference in 1919. South Slav unity would especially be a difficult task given that several soldiers from Bosnia, Slovenia, and Croatia fought loyally under Austria-Hungary, against the Serbian army. With the unforeseen collapse of Austria-Hungary, Western leaders were not sure how to deal with the situation in the Balkans. Much disagreement arose
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Unformatted text preview: over how the independent nations would be ordered: would it be a Federation of independent nations or simply one unified nation? What also proved problematic was the unification of people who had been divided by “years of history, religion, cultural influences, and war.” Upon the creation of the new state of Yugoslavia, Serbian officials took control and unfairly ruled over the majority. This would prove to be an event from which Yugoslavia would never fully recover....
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