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Test-02b-Solution - MATH 2070U/2072U Test 2 Instructor D.A...

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MATH 2070U/2072U Test 2 Instructor: D.A. Aruliah Week 4, 2008 Name (last name, first name): Student Number: Teaching Assistant: Instructions Before starting, read over the entire test carefully . Please verify that the test has 6 pages. You may use a calculator and a pen or pencil. Test written in pencil are not elegible for regrading. Laptops, cellphones, and pagers are not permitted. Have your student card on your desk. There are 3 questions on this test and a total of 20 marks. There are 45 minutes for the test. Questions do not carry equal weight so use your time wisely. Show as much work as needed to fully answer the questions . Write your answers as neatly as possible in the test itself. You are expected to comply with the UOIT rules for academic conduct. Q: 1 2 3 Total Mks: 8 4 8 20
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MATH 2070U/2072U Test 1 Page 2 of 6 1. [8 marks] Convert the following numbers to decimal (i.e., base 10) numbers.
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