1completethefollowingsentencesusingpremasu form

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Unformatted text preview: 10 staple the pages together — ” 8 )“ ¶* action the speaker finds it carry out an D . ¶ * )“ examples. Affirmative + situation holds N see p. 208 for while a certain ­adj (dictionary form) ­ A d j & V e r b ( p l a i n f o r m¶) ) Verbs should be stative ( progressive form , etc) or Negative verb form something happens before JAPN130B09 HW 14 Staple the pages together 4 + Page 6of 10 staple the pages together ‚¨ HW 14 L e c S e c . 1. Complete the following sentences using pre­masu form + a. My friend talked nonstop f...
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