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Unformatted text preview: or about an hour. b. I plan to keep using the current carrier ( ) * “ ¶ # ø c. If you keep missing your piano lessons, you should quit piano lessons. (Use miss’ for ‘quit’) for ‘to 2. Circle the appropriate one(s) to use in the sentence. a. 9 ) 1 6ø#“ ¶ ( —‚ 93 JAPN130B09 HW 14 Staple the pages together 4 + Page 7of 10 staple the pages together ‚– On September 16, at the Diet, Yukio Hatoyama was elected the 93th prime minister. b . I B M ø* #“ ¶ ) @ ( @ c. ø¶ #“ @ ) ø* #“ ¶ ( ø...
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