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LIGN 111 — Phonology UCSD, Winter 2010 Prof. Bakovi ! p. 1 of 1 Turkish vowel alternations * The following is the vowel inventory of Turkish. Note how it can be defined very symmetrically, in the form of a cube, with each vowel in the inventory having a corresponding vowel that differs in one of only three features: [high], [back] (or [front], but we’ll stick to [back] here), and [round]. ([ " ] is the only [+low] vowel, but this fact is irrelevant to the phonology of Turkish.) i # y u e " ø o [+high] [–high] [–back] [+back] [–round] [+round] nom. sg. gen. sg. nom. pl. gen. pl. gloss [ip] [ipin] [ipler] [iplerin] ‘rope’ [k # z] [k # z # n] [k # zl " r] [k # zl " r # n] ‘girl’ [jyz] [jyzyn] [jyzler] [jyzlerin] ‘face’ [pul] [pulun] [pull " r] [pull " r # n] ‘stamp’ [el] [elin] [eller] [ellerin] ‘hand’ [ $" n] [ $" n # n] [ $" nl " r] [ $" nl " r # n] ‘bell’ [køj] [køjyn] [køjler] [køjlerin] ‘village’ [son] [sonun] [sonl " r] [sonl " r # n] ‘end’
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