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LIGN111-H3-Georgian-1 - LIGN 111 Phonology Sample problem...

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LIGN 111 — Phonology UCSD, Winter 2010 Prof. Bakovi ć p. 1 of 2 Sample problem set and solution: Phonemic analysis of Georgian * Note : This problem set, like some others we’ll see, comes from a secondary source that did not use the IPA and in which there were some transcriptional inconsistencies. I’ve made a few super- ficial changes to correct for some of this; any remaining inconsistencies are not significant. In Georgian, the alveolar lateral [l] and the velar lateral [ ʟ ] are predictable variants of each other, as can be seen from the following data. Where does [l] appear? Where does [ ʟ ] appear? Think of a rule that will correctly predict the distribution of one sound from the other. 1. [ ʟ amazad] ‘prettily’ 9. [zarali] ‘loss’ 2. [xeli] ‘hand’ 10. [le ʟ o] ‘goal’ 3. [ka ʟ a] ‘tin’ 11. [xo ʟ o] ‘however’ 4. [sax ʟʃ i] ‘at home’ 12. [pepe ʟ a] ‘butterfly’ 5. [ ʦʰ e ʦʰ xli] ‘fire’ 13. [ ʟ xena] ‘joy’ 6. [kleba] ‘reduce’ 14. [vxle ʧʰ ] ‘to scrape’ 7. [kbi ʟ s] ‘tooth’ 15. [ert ʰ xe ʟ ]
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