Managerial Process Plans

Managerial Process Plans - 3.1.1 Estimates Specify the...

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3.1.1 Estimates Specify the estimated cost, schedule and resource requirements for conducting the project, and specify the associated confidence levels for each estimate. Specify the methods, tools and techniques used to estimate project cost, schedule and resource requirements; Specify the sources of estimate data and the basis of the estimation such as: analogy, rule of thumb, standard unit of size, cost model, historical database, etc. Specify the methods, tools, techniques to be used to re-estimate the project cost, schedule and required resources. Specify the schedule for re-estimation, which might be regular, a periodic or event-driven (e.g.: on project milestones). 3.1.2 Staffing Specify the number of required staff, providing the following details: o number of personnel by skill level, o numbers and skill levels in each project phase, and o duration of personnel requirement. Specify the sources of staff personnel (e.g.: internal transfer, new hire, contracted, etc.) Consider using resource Gantt charts, resource histograms, spreadsheets and tables to depict the staffing plan by skill level, by project phase, and by aggregations of skill levels and project phases. 3.1.3 Resource Acquisition Specify the plan for acquiring the resources and assets, in addition to personnel, needed to successfully complete the project. Describe the resource acquisition process. Specify the assignment of responsibility for all aspects of resource acquisition. Specify acquisition plans for equipment, computer hardware and software, training, service contracts, transportation, facilities, and administrative and janitorial services. Specify when in the project schedule the various acquisition activities will be required. Specify any constraints on acquiring the necessary resources. If necessary, expand this subsection to lower levels, to accommodate acquisition plans for various types of resources. 3.2.1 Work Breakdown Structure Define a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) to specify the various work activities to be performed in the IM/IT project, and to depict the relationships among these work activities. Decompose the work activities to a level that exposes all project risk factors, and that allows accurate estimation of
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Managerial Process Plans - 3.1.1 Estimates Specify the...

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