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Solutions to Chapter 3 Assignments Solution DQ 3-3 Your students’ answers will vary greatly depending on the specific situation they select for discussion. However, issues that might be discussed may focus on why some of the larger chains use online transaction entry. A few examples include the following: As purchases are keyed into the cash register, it will generate the pricing information, applicable sales tax (or VAT, GST, etc.), totals, and so on. As customer payments are entered into the cash register, the balance of the enclosed cash is maintained and can be used to balance the drawer upon a change in operator at the end of a shift or rotation. Overnight, the record of purchases is downloaded from the local store to a central location where replenishment inventory needs can be determined and shipment orders are automatically generated. Issues of how the information can be used for various functions will also re-enforce the use of information for decision making discussed in Chapters 1
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Solutions Chapter 3 - SolutionstoChapter3Assignments...

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