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BME 321 Homework 2 (5 pts) Name: 1. True or False. State reason if false. (0.5 pts each, 2 pts total) a) In bioprocesses, the bioreactor is typically the most expensive step. False. Often other steps such as purification, packaging, and testing are even more expensive. b) Enzymes catalyze reactions by altering the free-energy change between ground state substrate and the transition state. True. c) Enzymes can shift the equilibrium concentration relationship between substrate and products. False. Just speeds up how long it takes to reach equilibrium concentrations. d) Erythropoietin production requires use of mammalian cells (rather than bacteria) because the nuclear envelope is critical for protein glycosylation. False. Glycosylation occurs in ER and Golgi Apparatus. 2. Explain why virus is not considered alive. (1 pt) Viruses lack one of the important hallmarks to be considered 'living' - reproduction. Virus does not possess the ability to self-replicate; rather, it needs to invade foreign organisms and take control of the cellular machineries in order to reproduce.
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3. Surface to volume ratio is defined as the ratio of the surface area of an object over its
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BME+321+Homework+2+Solution - BME 321 Homework 2 (5 pts)...

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