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EUH 2000 - 05. Germanic Migrations

EUH 2000 - 05. Germanic Migrations - 05 Germanic Migrations...

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05. Germanic Migrations “Barbarian” invasions – a lot of the tribes had been Romanized, were Romans in everything but appearance Two Groups o The West Germans o The East Germans Society o Make-up o Wergild – blood money , elders decided they needed to stop the blood feuds Give money and feuding stops o Comitatus - the war bond – Comradeship o Germanic law - Common law – based on tradition Copurgation – by my honor I did not do this – upper status so he is believed The Huns o kept getting pushed west and pushed Germanic west into Roman region 3 groups of Germanic Speaking Peoples o Coloni defeated by Romans and moved around by Romans o Foderati – Germans the Romans could not defeat Paid to fight in army o Everyone else – waited until Romans have their backs turned and moved into Rome The Visigoths – Foderati people o Alaric (395 – 410) – did not get the job he wanted o Danube river - Took his people and began to march on Rome (410) o
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