EUH 2000 - 06. Byzantine_Islam OL

EUH 2000 - 06. Byzantine_Islam OL - 06. The Byzantine...

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Byzantium o Definition – shows the connection between Constantinople and the apostles o Justinian (482 -565 CE) Corpus Juris Civilis – body of civil law Codex – all laws from Rome from 312 (edict of Milan) Digest – laws that Justinian made Institutes – legal text book, how to apply the law o Last major work done in Latin o Christianity holds it together – they speak Latin Theodora (500-548) – wife of Justinian o Nika Riot – thought if they could talk to the emperor everything would be okay Rush into thrown room and only asked to lower taxes Building program o Hagia Sophia – “holy mother” – largest cathedral at the time o Hippodrome – race track of Constantinople Wealth and Trade – had goods coming from everywhere and were taxed – created a lot of wealth o Cultural Changes Greek – went from speaking Latin to Greek Religion Icons – becoming extremely important, west was illiterate o Leo III the Iconoclast (717-741) – outlawed the use of Icons o People were praying to the icons rather than the message o Pope vs. Patriarch – splitting along religious lines o Michael III (842-867) – re-expansion The Macedonians (867-1056) The Bulgars Slavs – convert to eastern orthodox christianity o Vladimir I of the Kievan Rus (958-1015) – tired of following ancient religions Sends out emissaries to all the main religious centers, but they did not like drinking or pork Jews have no empire Rome – catholic is boring Constantinople – god resides in Constantinople – Christianity – gold everywhere, can still drink, priests can marry and have kids. Expansion -
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EUH 2000 - 06. Byzantine_Islam OL - 06. The Byzantine...

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