EUH 2000 - 07. Merovingians and Carolingians OL

EUH 2000 - 07. Merovingians and Carolingians OL - o Homage...

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07. Christianizing Europe: The Merovingians and Carolingians Germans o The Ostrogoths o The Visigoths The Franks o Center of Europe Angles and Saxons – Germanic groups, makes society become more like them o Great Britain Franks o Location – expanded o Merovingian Dynasty Clovis (c. 482-511) Clotilda – aristocratic Christian woman offered to Clovis 500 - converts Divisions Neustria Austrasia Burgundy Aquitaine Dagobert I (623-638) Major Domo – right hand man (mayor of the palace) o Pepinids/Carolingians Pepin the Short (741-768) Boniface, Bishop of Mainz – names Pepin king Stephen II – pope baptizes entire family of Pepin o Lombards Donation of Pepin – takes over the lombards and gives the land to the pope Charlemagne and Carloman - sons of Pepin Charlemagne (768-814) – Carloman dies of natural causes War o Italian Campaigns (772-773) – puts lombards on their place o Saxony (772-804) – polytheist, converted to Christianity Vassus Vassal
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Unformatted text preview: o Homage – shows trust and then has to follow all the lords orders • Christmas Present o Leo III. – becomes emperor • Law o Capitularies – laws that apply to everyone o Missi - judges 1 o Dominici - priests • Carolingian Renaissance: rebirth of learning (lost when he dies) o Aachen Alcuin of York(732-804 - secretary of education) • Went to Aachen • Capitulary of 789 – “Let schools be established in which children may learn to read o Were not enough teachers for everyone • Latin Vulgate Bible – new translation • Caroline script o Punctuation, separation Louis the Pious (814-843) – Charlemagne’s son Treaty of Verdun (843) in 843 • Lothar (r. 823-855) • Louis the German • Charles the Bald • Strasbourg – Charles and Louis meet up and want to fight Lothar, Louis takes the oath in French, Charles takes it in German o Defeat Lothar o Their children begin to fight each other 2...
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EUH 2000 - 07. Merovingians and Carolingians OL - o Homage...

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